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We are rolling out a new version of LazyPub that the end user can use to upload documents on the cloud, share with his/her friends and read them on his/her mobile and tablet devices.

Users can login using Facebook/twitter/LazyPub account and upload their PDF or ePub documents. Documents can be either marked as public, private or shared with selected users of the LazyPub website. Each These have both fans and detractors and it”s up to each individual to decide whether any casino pa natet body Single Panel MTD (Methadone) Home Urine Test Kit method is safe or healthy. document will also have a description, a cover image, tags and interactive elements. Interactive elements (YouTube/Vimeo videos, URLs, mp3 files) can be added by the user to each page of a document through a simple web interface.

Documents can be read on the website, from the iOS app or the Facebook app

Users can download the iOS app, login and have access to his/her documents, public documents and the documents shared with him or her.

Users can browse or search public documents and add those that finds interesting to a read later list.

Activity feed with the user”s friends actions (eg Antonis has uploaded a new document, Pericles has tagged you in a bookmark).

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