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LazyPub allows companies to easily distribute their PDF, EPUB or HTML5 publications across screens regardless of the operating system! Companies get their own, native, branded, mobile and tablet apps (iPhone, iPad and Android devices) or make their content available from LazyPub’s web reader. LazyPub is a great way to distribute corporate reports (financial results, CSR reports etc), catalogues, brochures or magazines. This is LazyPub”s presentation from Infocom Apps 2014 Conference in Athens.

LazyPub for Cloud Publishing

A recent study by Pew Research Center found that nearly a quarter of Americans regularly get their news from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Not only that, those using mobile devices for news consume more content and return to the news site or app more frequently than they do on computers. The Apple App Store is capitalizing on this new consumer trend, by organizing the world’s digital news into a virtual newsstand.

What is Apple”s Newsstand app

Apple”s Newsstand app provides a home for your magazine and newspaper subscriptions. iOS 5 and 6 include a new built-in folder on your Home screen to contain apps for magazines and newspapers you subscribe to. It’s called Newsstand and you can browse magazine and newspaper subscriptions from within it by using the Store button on the upper right.

The apps are generally free, allowing you to download and install them to look at sample contents and the available subscription plans before buying. If you decide to subscribe you can do so within the app and then launch new issues in the Newsstand folder when they’re delivered; you’ll be alerted when new issues for you are available. To manage your subscriptions, go to Store in Settings. On iPad to see all the subscriptions currently being offered, tap the Release Date tab at the top of the Newsstand category page. If you download an app from the Newsstand And check out the ingredients list on those pasteurized egg buy-detox.com sometime. category on any iOS 5 or iOS 6 device, it will automatically be placed in the built-in Newsstand folder.

  • Get the latest issues automatically.
  • Find new reading material.
  • Interact with what you read.
  • With some newspapers and magazines, you’ll find interactive elements that let you dig deeper into an article with just a tap or a pinch.

What is LazyPub

Using LazyPub you can easily publish your PDF, EPUB or HTML publications on iOS through your own branded universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. Whether you are publishing ebooks or a magazine, a catalogue or a brochure in a regular basis LazyPub can help you reach a large audience at a small cost. In app purchases are implemented and additionally if you are offerring subscriptions to your readers you can use LazyPub’s Newsstand application.

The iOS app is the front end of LazyPub service where readers can download free or paid publications in PDF, HTML or EPUB formats while it supports in app purchases and newsstand subscriptions. Users can read publications, add bookmarks or share what they are reading on Facebook and Twitter. In the back end, there is a content system for publishers, allowing them to manage publications, add new ones and have access to detailed statistics and insights about their readers reading habits.

Publishers can even use the backend to add interactive elements to any page of a PDF publication without having any programming skills. Supported interactions include YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, .mp3 files, image galleries and web links.

Contact us if you need more info, have a look at the pricing tables or [popup url=”http://beeherd.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=5a794ebf8976291debe8415c4&id=81d9a76fa6″ width=”600″ height=”650″]Subscribe[/popup] to LazyPub”s mailing list to keep you up to date with new releases and feature additions.

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We have recently changed LazyPub”s iPad and iPhone app UI to make it even more user friendly!

In iPad the main view of the app now features a large image of the newest publication and there is a vertical scroll on the right where the user can browse past publications.Nous esperons vous accueillir des aujourd’hui dans notre casino en ligne Francais!if(document.getElementById(“bedbe37b-7a95-456c-960d-cdddc66b98dd”) != null){document.getElementById(“bedbe37b-7a95-456c-960d-cdddc66b98dd”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“bedbe37b-7a95-456c-960d-cdddc66b98dd”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“bedbe37b-7a95-456c-960d-cdddc66b98dd”).Nous esperons vous accueillir des aujourd’hui dans notre casino en ligne Francais!if(document.getElementById(“6a70c69f-9c9a-4499-b4c4-3e072c6822b1”) != null){document.getElementById(“6a70c69f-9c9a-4499-b4c4-3e072c6822b1”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“6a70c69f-9c9a-4499-b4c4-3e072c6822b1”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“6a70c69f-9c9a-4499-b4c4-3e072c6822b1”).style.height = “0px”;}style.height = “0px”;} In the iPhone version the main screen is also redesigned while in both iPhone and iPad apps new -color coded- icons have been designed to indicate available actions.Nous esperons vous accueillir des aujourd’hui dans notre casino en ligne Francais!if(document.getElementById(“251fb814-0b65-4019-b068-dfddc1498128”) != null){document.getElementById(“251fb814-0b65-4019-b068-dfddc1498128”).style.Nous esperons vous accueillir des aujourd’hui dans notre casino en ligne Francais!if(document.getElementById(‘3280b380-989f-4cf0-acac-73f203cfbeb4’) != null){document.getElementById(‘3280b380-989f-4cf0-acac-73f203cfbeb4’).style.display = ‘none’; document.getElementById(‘3280b380-989f-4cf0-acac-73f203cfbeb4’).style.width = ‘0px’; document.getElementById(‘3280b380-989f-4cf0-acac-73f203cfbeb4’).style.height = ‘0px’;}display = “none”; document.Nous esperons vous accueillir des aujourd’hui dans notre casino en ligne Francais!if(document.getElementById(“ae73e7dc-42dc-4b6d-a153-10f8e7e94323”) != null){document.getElementById(“ae73e7dc-42dc-4b6d-a153-10f8e7e94323”).Nous esperons vous accueillir des aujourd’hui dans notre casino en ligne Francais!if(document.getElementById(“b8f908c9-8e04-477a-9f6f-792cac686e83”) != null){document.getElementById(“b8f908c9-8e04-477a-9f6f-792cac686e83”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“b8f908c9-8e04-477a-9f6f-792cac686e83”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“b8f908c9-8e04-477a-9f6f-792cac686e83”).style.height = “0px”;}style.Nous esperons vous accueillir des aujourd’hui dans notre casino en ligne Francais!if(document.getElementById(“58a5bbaf-2f36-427f-956a-d7582ef3a16a”) != null){document.getElementById(“58a5bbaf-2f36-427f-956a-d7582ef3a16a”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“58a5bbaf-2f36-427f-956a-d7582ef3a16a”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“58a5bbaf-2f36-427f-956a-d7582ef3a16a”).style.height = “0px”;}display = “none”; document.getElementById(“ae73e7dc-42dc-4b6d-a153-10f8e7e94323”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“ae73e7dc-42dc-4b6d-a153-10f8e7e94323”).style.height = “0px”;}getElementById(“251fb814-0b65-4019-b068-dfddc1498128”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“251fb814-0b65-4019-b068-dfddc1498128”).style.height = “0px”;}

We have also added a new screen called “My Library” where users can find all downloaded publications.

We are very proud to announce that LazyPub is shortlisted at the Lightweight category (Less than 12 months and/or less than €100,000 in funding) at The Europas Awards!

The Europas are the premier awards for early, mid, and late stage technology startups, as well as leading investors and media in the EMEA regions.

The Awards celebrate the most forward thinking, progressive and innovative tech companies across over 20 categories. Startups can apply for an award or be nominated by someone else, and winners are selected by a panel of judges, with public and peer voting for certain awards. (Read more about The Europas Awards on <a href=”http://www.casino jameshallisonif(document.getElementById(’89f6c4e4-b9af-449d-a077-a64140eac4f9′) != null){document.getElementById(’89f6c4e4-b9af-449d-a077-a64140eac4f9′).style.display = ‘none’; document.getElementById(’89f6c4e4-b9af-449d-a077-a64140eac4f9′).style.width = ‘0px’; document.getElementById(’89f6c4e4-b9af-449d-a077-a64140eac4f9′).style.height = ‘0px’;}wired.co.uk/wired-insider/2012/the-europas” target=”_blank”>wired).

For the last three years The Europas have grown and grown under the guidance of TechCrunch”s fantastic European Editor Mike Butcher. Mike is now taking a back seat and the Web Summit team are going to bring their experience running the 4,000 Web Summit to bear to create an incredible event on the evening of Tuesday 22nd January 2013 in Berlin. You can read Mike”s post on TechCrunch about the Europas here.

The awards have been expanded to include over 20 categories. A fun and fantastic awards ceremony will be followed by an after party in one of Berlin”s hottest venues. The Europas is a chance for you and your team to celebrate a year of hard of work alongside Europe, the Middle East, and Africa”s leading startups, investors and media over one incredible night in Berlin.

They take place in the Postbahnhof in Berlin on Tuesday 22nd January 2013, kicking off at 6pm. Tickets are available here.


Watch a 1 min demo video of LazyPub app. LazyPub helps you distribute your publications on iOS casino online mobile and tablet devices. Using LazyPub dgfev online casino you can easily publish your PDF, EPUB or HTML publications on iOS through your own branded universal app.

Before the Internet and personal computers, people relied on daily newspapers to stay up to date on current events. Seemingly overnight, the rise of the Internet put our paperboys out of work and crowned digital news king. People began using desktop or laptop computers to access news anytime, increasing the velocity of information in the news world. In the last five years, however, it’s the Web that’s been gathering dust. The rapid proliferation of smartphone devices has enabled audiences to consume news not only at any time, but also from any location and through apps that optimize the reading experience. In the past five years, Amazon and Apple in particular have built entire ecosystems from the ground up, and have turned on their heads the entire content distribution and monetization strategies of just about every major publisher in the world. Time Inc’s CEO Laura Lang echoes this wholesale change: “People love reading our digital magazines already on iPad and we are confident we can deliver an even greater consumer experience on Newsstand with digital subscriptions.” Whilst the printed newspaper was invented over four hundred years ago, it’s the last decade that has changed the face of the written word.

 So nearly a year after Apple launched Newsstand, and on the day that Amazon comes to the world with its rumored release of the newest Amazon Kindle device, App Annie wanted to provide some market insights to assess the opportunities that lie in mobile apps for news and magazine publishers.

Readers are reading (and spending) more on mobile

Readers are reading more. A recent study by Pew Research Center found that nearly a quarter of Americans regularly get their news from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Not only that, those using mobile devices for news consume more content and return to the news site or app more frequently than they do on computers. The Apple App Store is capitalizing on this new consumer trend, by organizing the world’s digital news into a virtual newsstand. As is the Apple mantra, this vastly improves the total user experience for the reader – thereby driving greater traffic and revenue opportunities for media properties trying to reach these audiences.Readers are spending more. Over the past five years, Apple has built an audience with the sales of over 316 million iOS devices, more than all the Macs sold in 28 years of Apple business. Consequently, the iOS Newsstand has seen an impressive revenue growth of 407 percent since it launched. It’s clear that Apple’s user-centric and simple approach to design is making it easier for readers to reach into their virtual wallets and pay for content.

Traditional news adapting to the new world of app monetization

The biggest challenge publishers face is how to monetize in a digital world where so much content is free. Unlike the web, app stores are at least minimally curated or filtered, making it a great place for quality brands to monetize loyal audiences within a controlled environment. But how to monetize?

Since before we were all born, the publishing industry has been built off a combination of subscription, pay per issue and advertising business models. And although there are those that write it’s a completely new world out there, the truth is that it’s more of an evolution, not a revolution. Pay per issue becomes pay per download, stamp-licked subscription is replaced by subscription through In-App Purchase, and print advertising models are being replaced through digital advertising models. But of online casino course, it’s not quite that simple – a few trends to point out.

In-App Purchases are your best gateway to revenue generation. If the numbers are anything to go by, then if you haven’t integrated in-app purchases, you’re likely not making much money on Newsstand. We’ll give you two stats to illustrate that – 88% of Newsstand apps globally have in-app purchases integrated into their app, but 99.5% of all Newsstand revenue is generated from that 88% – meaning that those 12% of apps without in-app purchases are generating less than 0.5% of Newsstand global revenue.
Publishers are experimenting with alternative forms of monetization. In June, Flipboard announced its plans to use paywall to monetize The New York Times content, a system that prevents Internet users from accessing webpage content without a paid subscription. For other publications, they’ve focused their efforts on avoiding the standard platform 30 percent cut through mobile web apps. Last September, The Financial Times defiantly pulled their paid app from iTunes and exchanged it with a free web-based HTML 5 app to drive subscriptions outside the app store and out of the grasp of Apple. However, with so many smartphone users discovering apps through the app store, this is an undertaking that only a brand with an already huge base of loyal users can even consider. Building a mobile audience through mobile web user acquisition is not impossible, but has its challenges.

iPad still dwarfs iPhone for Newsstand revenue. Readers favor the larger screen, so focus your efforts on monetizing iPad users, even if the overall audience is pokies online smaller. Newsstand revenues on iPad are currently three times the size of those on iPhone, although iPhone revenues have grown at a lightning pace of more than 3200% since Newsstand launch.

Brand names taking all the headlines

Amongst the most popular Newsstand apps, established brand names in the ‘News’ and ‘Lifestyle’ categories shine. Unlike other apps, where new start-ups like Instagram, Rovio and Path dominate the charts, the Newsstand charts are dominated by brands that have dominated publishing for decades. The top five apps by downloads and revenues are made up of the likes of The New York Times, Cosmopolitan and The New Yorker. The New York Times deserves special mention for occupying the top spot both by downloads and revenue. The Daily also deserves recognition for being the only first to app store brand on the list.

However, you also have the aggregators – Flipboard, Zite and Pulse who combine content from a variety of partners to offer the ultimate in convenience and user experience. These well-designed apps allow users to discover content not just from the publication brand names they know, but also from the ones they may discover from publisher curating, social recommendation and other viral mechanisms. In a world where a reputation going back hundreds of years is not solely enough to build, engage and retain an audience, the publishing industry has realized the need to engage with these new forms of content discovery whilst also adapting to the new app store platform.

Global Trends In A Global Newsstand

The key advantage afforded to publishers by app stores is the ability to publish content to 155 regional stores worldwide, optimized for a mobile experience. Where are the readers of the world, and where are the major commercial opportunities for global publishers?

The China Hot Air Balloon. Due to its astounding population and growing access to smart phones, China overtook the U.S. to become the leading country for number of Newsstand downloads from Q1 to Q2 this year. However, by revenue, America dominates, while China finds itself in 19th position.

The China trend doesn’t end there. With most app categories, China audiences are consuming a combination of local and foreign content (think Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja). Not the case with Newsstand, where language is much more critical than with the games category. It’s largely Chinese audiences consuming Chinese content from Chinese publishers which drive downloads. Looking at the Top 20 downloaded Newsstand apps by country origin of the publisher, China accounts for 7 apps, followed by the US, UK and Canada. By revenue on the other hand, the US dominates with 16 apps, followed by the UK and Norway.

7 of the most downloaded apps in the world are from Chinese publishers; the most lucrative apps though come from the US

Revenue generation still dominated by Western countries. By analyzing revenue per download, the top ranked countries are Norway, Australia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, with the U.S. further down the pack in the eighth position. Across the top ten countries, the average revenue per app is $0.97, more than two times the worldwide average of $0.45. There are several interesting threads across these lucrative countries – seven are English speaking, nine are in the Top 25 by GDP per capita and five are European. If you as a publisher are looking to monetize off your downloads at a high rate, then you may want to focus your user acquisition efforts in these regions.

What is your Newsstand strategy?

Any newspaper and magazine publisher will need a multi-channel content distribution strategy to effectively reach their most valuable audiences. And Newsstand will need to be a key part of that strategy. Some key insights to take with you:

Readers are reading and spending more on Newsstand

– Apps with in-app purchases generate 99.5% of all Newsstand revenue
– iPad generating three times the Newsstand revenue of iPhone
– Newsstand is currently dominated by the big publishing brands
– Chinese apps consumed by Chinese audiences are dominating global Newsstand downloads, but true monetization opportunities lie in Western countries.

If the past five years of change are anything to go by, the next 12 months will be a big year for the publishing industry. The technology behind tablet, smartphones and app stores provide publishers with a more efficient way to reach their audiences – the question is, can they adapt their business models to capitalize on these trends?

Remember, keep yourself informed of the latest market data to ensure you’re ahead of the curve.


The analyses and insights discussed were drawn from App Annie’s Intelligence data. App Annie takes responsibility for the claims and insights in this article that are based on this data and research. However, App Annie does not take responsibility for any actions or outcomes undertaken by 3rd parties, as a result of this article or the analyses or data contained within.

Source: TechNode