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Upload your documents on the cloud,
share with your friends,
sync and read them
on your mobile and tablet devices.

Users can login using Facebook/twitter/LazyPub account and upload their PDF or ePub documents. Documents can be either marked as public, private or shared with selected users of the LazyPub website. Each document also has a description, a cover image, tags and interactive elements. Interactive elements (YouTube/Vimeo videos, URLs, mp3 files) can be added by the user to each page of a document through a simple web interface.

  • Documents can be read on the website, from the iOS app or the Facebook app.
  • Users can download the iOS app, login and have access to his/her documents, public documents and the documents shared with him or her.
  • Users can browse or search public documents and add those that finds interesting to a read later list.
  • Activity feed with the user’s friends actions (eg Antonis has uploaded a new document, Pericles has tagged you in a bookmark).

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