Pharmaceutical detailing is a 1:1 marketing technique used by pharmaceutical companies to communicate to a physician their products in hopes that the physician having all necessary information will prescribe the company’s products more often. Many pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars per year on this tactic.

LazyPub provides pharmaceutical companies with a great tool to efficiently utilize the limited time provided by doctors to pharmaceutical representatives. Usually a pharmaceutical representative has less than 5 minutes to showcase a drug’s basic information.

Sample page from HTML5 publication with embedded video

Thus, the process of pharmaceutical detailing should be made highly flexible depending on whatever time is chosen by each doctor to satisfy his/her specific needs. In such an environment, as discussed above, would help creating customized, more impressive, self-guided by doctors and more focused presentations with significant reduction in the detailing cost/product with improved productivity and efficiency.

Moreover pharmaceutical detailing using LazyPub would:

  • Make expensive printed promotional aids redundant,
  • Eliminate time required and cost involved to deliver such material,
  • Have the flexibility of change at any time,
  • Enrich the promotional material with interactive elements,
  • Downloading of just required samples online, eliminating the need for paper use.

Using a LazyPub application with HTML5 content allows pharmaceutical companies to enrich the detailing process making it more interactive, have access to detailed reports about user activity, minimize costs up to 10 times and adopt an eco friendly approach. Want to know more? Drop us a line

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