LazyPub Press Kit

LazyPub, Cloud Publishing so easy it makes you lazy!

LazyPub is a low cost solution that allows anyone to easily distribute their PDF, EPUB or HTML publications on mobile and tablet devices (currently iOS is supported but soon more mobile and tablet platforms will be added).

The iOS app is the front end of LazyPub service where readers can download free or paid publications in PDF, HTML or EPUB formats while it supports in app purchases and subscriptions. Users can read publications, add bookmarks or share what they are reading on Facebook and twitter. In the back end, there is a content system for publishers, allowing them to manage publications, add new ones and have access to detailed statistics and insights about their readers reading habits.

Publishers can even use the backend to add interactive elements to any page of a PDF publication without having any programming skills. Supported interactions include YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, .mp3 files, image galleries and web links.

Useful files/links:

LazyPub logo (hi res)LazyPub iPad app screenshots | LazyPub iPhone app screenshots | LazyPub iPhone+iPad apps screenshots in realistic environment | YouTube iPad app demo video | Vimeo iPad app demo video | SlideShare PresentationAngelist Profile