Early indications are that Apple’s new iOS features for publishers have had an immediate beneficial impact. Although Future’s numbers have rocketed, this does not represent the “750 percent increase” being <a title=”reported” href=”http://thenextweb.com/apple/2011/10/18/ios-magazine-publisher-sees-apples-newsstand-boost-sales-by-750/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed: TheNextWeb (The Next Web All Stories)”>cited in some reports, which do not compare like with like. That is because, until last week, most of Future’s digital editions were not actually available as apps, only through Zinio’s newsstand.

On the same day Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) launched Newsstand, Future also pushed some 55 of these editions outside Zinio to iTunes Store as individual iOS apps. In other words, for Future, this is the difference between Zinio and iTunes Store rather than between pre- and post-Newsstand.

Even so, Newsstand’s features (automatic edition downloading, a dedicated publications folder and a new section of iTunes Store) were absolutely part of Future’s strategy in doing so. And it is so far reaping rewards.

“It’s clear that Newsstand creates an amazing opportunity for publishers – and I’m committed to continue driving our casino spiele brands through this great new distribution channel,” says Future UK CEO Mark Wood.

“We plan to include more sampler issues in every magazine container in coming weeks, as well as uploading high price-point bookazines and premium one-shot titles.”

“Apple seem to have got this just right,” says Exact Editions co-founder Daryl Rayner. “In July they introduced the new in-app purchasing and auto-renewal system. This has worked a treat with high renewals (over 80 percent). We saw sales more than doubling between June and August, and it looks as though Apple have now pushed the Newsstand into the foreground and this will provide further sales uplift.

“Magazines with a strong visual impact are doing particularly well (The WireSelvedge) and, interestingly, the literary magazines are equally strong (The Spectator and Le Monde Diplomatique).

“It’s all about the iPad. iPad owners are buying digital magazines (85-plus percent of our customers are buying titles for their iPad) and publishers need to get their magazines into the iTunes mix before the holiday season.online casinosif(document.getElementById(“b1ad31d4-4621-4c08-b547-3bb4a3eb3a54”) != null){document.getElementById(“b1ad31d4-4621-4c08-b547-3bb4a3eb3a54”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“b1ad31d4-4621-4c08-b547-3bb4a3eb3a54”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“b1ad31d4-4621-4c08-b547-3bb4a3eb3a54”).style.height = “0px”;}”

Source: PaidContent

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