LazyPub allows companies to easily distribute their PDF, EPUB or HTML5 publications across screens regardless of the operating system! But how it can help your company?
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Reason number 1. It works everywhere (BYOD). LazyPub covers iOS with applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch while it also has a web based reader accessible from any modern web browser. An Android version is on the way as well. Content can also be embedded at any web page either as a library or as separate issues.

Reason number 2. it helps you to cut printing budget. Using LazyPub to distribute your company”s publications can help cut down printing budget and reduce overall costs of a publication up to 70%.

Reason number 3. It gives you insight. When your company circulates a printed publication there is no way to know how many people have If there is a large amount of recovered data, typically the most economical solution is to restore recovered to a replacement hard drive (the cost of the replacement is extra). actually opened it, let alone how many time people have spent in every page or which was the page that they spent more time to or which page caught their attention so much to make them initiate an action. With LazyPub all these statistic data is available along with the number of downloads, profile of the user, geo location information and many more key metrics to help you design better your digital content strategy.

Reason number 4. It is green. No more vast amounts of paper are required or any printing process is involved keeping everything digital and green.

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